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SATA | Technical water solutions

Water treatment services

Discover how we improve the quality and flavor of your water with our specialized services.



Osmosis is a process that ensures the purity of water by removing impurities, minerals and contaminants. Our osmosis service ensures that every drop of water you consume in your home is of the highest quality, contributing to your health and well-being.



Ionizers adjust the acid-base balance of water, providing health benefits by generating alkaline water. With our ionization service, we transform your water to suit your specific needs, promoting a healthier lifestyle.


Hydrogenated Water

Hydrogen water is known for its antioxidant properties and cellular health benefits. Our hydrogenated water service ensures that every sip of water you consume is not only refreshing, but also beneficial to your overall well-being.



Softeners remove the minerals that cause limescale to form in the water, protecting your pipes, appliances and taps. With our descaling service, we extend the useful life of your equipment and ensure an efficient water supply free of impurities.



Ozone is a powerful disinfectant that eliminates bacteria and microorganisms from water. Our ozonation service guarantees the purity of the water you consume, reducing the risk of disease and ensuring a safe and healthy water supply.